Discover the Quickest Path to Freedom from Back Pain with Barbara Ellis

What do Ogres, Mules and Medieval Chambers have to do with Back Pain? A lot, says Barbara.

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I saw B yesterday when she came to my home after hearing that I was in excruciating back pain. Pain levels were 8/9 when B came but when she left pain levels were right down to 3. Last night I had the best sleep in weeks!

Woke up with far less pain just stiffness. Taking today easy with mindful movements. Best part is that I feel more sturdy, that my strong core is back. Thank you so much. Far less fragile and feelings of vulnerability. Thank you.

Rae Farmer

Barbara is a lovely, generous person with a real passion for helping others and the kind of personality that puts you at ease and helps you feel welcomed all at once. She’s so passionate about Havening and sharing this amazing technique to treat you for whatever issue – big or small – needs help. Barbara is really approachable so definitely have a chat with her to find out what it’s all about – your first step to feeling better!

– Amy Purdie